I use therapies that have a good evidence base and have been researched for many years, showing that they are effective for a wide range of problems  like


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, usually known as EMDR, is a powerful and effective psychotherapy that works with how memory is stored and how it affects our lives now. It works with trauma and anxiety, helping to decrease  negative emotions, thoughts and images and improves your sense of wellbeing.

watch this short cartoon to see how EMDR works

It works on Past, Present and Future and  has 8 phases, which include some of the following themes:

  • discovering how your current problems are related to your history
  • preparing you to work with difficult memories and emotions
  • selecting memories to work with
  • using bilateral stimulation, eg side to side eye movements, whilst thinking of the trauma
  • enhancing positive beliefs about yourself
  • processing  negative sensations
  • closing  so you feel safe and well between sessions
  • finding a way to move on more helpfully with your life.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, usually known as CBT, is a helpful way of looking at how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact with each other to make life more difficult than it needs to be!

CBT is an active, goal-aware,  problem solving, collaborative approach.

We work together, with curiosity and interest, to identify current problems and difficulties and look at them in new ways, sometimes by doing activities and experiments in the session, or between sessions, to find the most effective way forward.

We would look at how your experiences and beliefs play a part in your current problems, but would focus mainly on what is happening here and now in your life, rather than working directly on past memories.