Effective Therapies

I use therapies that have a good evidence base and have been researched for many years, showing that they are effective for a wide range of problems.


EMDR is a powerful and effective psychotherapy that works with depression, trauma and anxiety, helping to decrease negative emotions, thoughts and images and improve your wellbeing.

The active trauma work uses stimulation, such as eye movements, that activate your brain’s natural healing abilities and allow you to put the distress behind you.

Once you have processed past distressing memories,  we work on current triggers that disturb you now, then how you would like to be in the future.


CBT is a widely tested, effective therapy that works with how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact with each other. It is an active, problem solving, collaborative approach that helps with depression and anxiety.

We work together, with curiosity and interest, to identify current problems, set goals and agree on activities and experiments to make the right changes for you.

We initially  look at how your earlier experiences affect your current problems, but would focus mainly on what is happening here and now in your life, rather than working directly on past memories.