What Is City Bee Therapy All About?

According to myths around the world the bee symbolises community, hard work  and personal power.

It is also, of course, one of the important symbols of Manchester, a city built on people working together and changing lives. From the brave people who died at the Peterloo Massacre to those who improved working lives, to the Suffragettes, to the recent horrors of the Arena bombing and the way the city pulled together to deal with the trauma, Manchester has a strong tradition of working together to overcome problems.

My interest and experience has led me to specialise in trauma work and I understand the  deep hurt and shock that many experience as they come to terms with events that have shaken their lives.

I have recently returned to my home city and feel privileged to be part of that value of hard work, collaboration and the enhancement of personal power and growth that I know people can achieve through teamwork in therapy.