At City Bee Therapy I help people process those past experiences that affect the present, and help move them towards a positive future.

Who is City Bee Therapy for?

I am keen to work with people who feel stuck and things feel too much to handle.  You might know it has something to do with your past but not sure how it all fits together. You  have probably struggled on but your coping strategies are wearing thin. You want to work with me, finding a way forward together. You are curious about what makes you tick – even if you don’t yet understand it.


About me

Since I was a teacher of troubled high school students in schools from  London to Cairo, I have been interested in the experiences that make us who we are. I am curious about what in our lives leads us to being happy or unhappy and the things we do that can make us feel  better or worse.

My enthusiasm and interest led me to read and study widely and to qualify and become accredited in three effective therapies – EMDR, CBT & Counselling –  so that I have more chance in helping you find the right way to help you.

Although all three of these therapies are effective and suit different people, I became especially interested in EMDR therapy and am now an accredited consultant. I am the only EMDR consultant working in city centre Manchester. 

I have been working with people to overcome their difficulties for fifteen years, both in private practice and in the NHS. I am also experienced in working with employee assistance programs (EAPs)  and HR departments.

I still love to learn about what makes us tick and enjoy keeping up to date with recent changes in therapy and enjoy learning new ways of helping people overcome their problems.

I follow the Ethical guidelines of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and am a member of the EMDR Association Uk & Ireland..


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