I Can Help You With…




Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what is bothering you and that’s fine, I can help you do that and together we can work out the best way forward.


Here are just some of the things I regularly help people with:

Trauma & PTSD

  • Childhood neglect and abuse
  • Childhood or adult PTSD, often with flashbacks, nightmares, negative thoughts and feelings and avoidance of reminders


  • Feeling low, sad, lack of enjoyment, having problems with sleep, appetite and motivation.


  • Generalised Anxiety – excessive worrying
  • Panic Attacks – having such a strong reaction you think you might die or faint
  • Health Anxiety – worrying you have symptoms of serious illness
  • OCD – compulsions eg cleaning or checking to neutralise disturbing thoughts
  • Stress – too much to do and not enough time, space, money or energy to do it
  • Phobias – intense fear and avoidance of a specific thing or situation
  • Social Anxiety – fear of people judging you negatively in social situations

Work With Me Because…

At City Bee Therapy I can help you process those past experiences that affect the present, and help you move towards a positive future.

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I know how overwhelming it can be to look for the right therapist, especially when you are feeling your worst. It is very important that you find someone who you feel you can work with and so,  below some of the things you might want to know about me.

  • I am able to quickly understand what you are facing
  • I connect with people to make it easier to do the work that is needed
  • I work with you to find the best interventions to meet your needs because I am qualified to work in several approaches
  • I use approaches with strong evidence, used by the NHS eg CBT and EMDR
  • I  have helped hundreds of people  over 15 years with many different problems, including trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, childhood issues and workplace stress.
  • I am professional -I have  worked effectively in  private, voluntary  and NHS settings and belong to professional bodies ie BABCP, BACP, EMDR Association UK & Ireland
  • I am knowledgeable– I have taught and supervised other therapists for many years and am continually updating my skills with courses and research

Effective Therapies

I use therapies that have a good evidence base and have been researched for many years, showing that they are effective for a wide range of problems.


EMDR is a powerful and effective psychotherapy that works with depression, trauma and anxiety, helping to decrease negative emotions, thoughts and images and improve your wellbeing.

The active trauma work uses stimulation, such as eye movements, that activate your brain’s natural healing abilities and allow you to put the distress behind you.

Once you have processed past distressing memories,  we work on current triggers that disturb you now, then how you would like to be in the future.


CBT is a widely tested, effective therapy that works with how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact with each other. It is an active, problem solving, collaborative approach that helps with depression and anxiety.

We work together, with curiosity and interest, to identify current problems, set goals and agree on activities and experiments to make the right changes for you.

We initially  look at how your earlier experiences affect your current problems, but would focus mainly on what is happening here and now in your life, rather than working directly on past memories.


What is it Like?

Each person is different but there might be some things that are similar for most people when they attend.

I always like to get a good understanding of how your experiences have brought you to this point – even if we decide not to work directly with the past.

We will then discuss the best therapy approach and I will explain it in more detail. I believe that however much you are struggling right now, your mind has come up with an ingenious way of helping you at some point. We just have to work out if it is still helping and if not, find a better way forward.

If we decide on EMDR we will choose the memories we need to process to give you the best outcome and then begin the preparation, which can take from 1 to several sessions, depending on what you’d like to work on. This is followed by the active trauma work and adjusting to feeling better.

If we decide on CBT we will work out a series of experiments and exercises to help you change the things that are getting in the way of your happiness. We will work out together the things that will be helpful for you to do between sessions.

Most people want to know the number of sessions it will take – it is too difficult to answer that at the beginning, but most things will need between 8 and 20 sessions.

Sessions last an hour but we might have to go on a bit longer during some EMDR sessions (at no extra cost) this will be discussed with you if needed.

Sessions are normally weekly but for some issues it might be better to do it more frequently for some of the sessions.

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EMDR Supervision

I am a fully qualified supervisor at post-graduate level (PG Cert in Clinical Supervision) and the only EMDR consultant currently working in the city centre.

I have some availability for EMDR practitioners at all levels who need supervision and can help you through to accreditation at practitioner or consultant level.

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I can offer individual, group, face to face or Skype supervision sessions.

I am able to offer EMDR supervision to NHS trusts and other organisations

For more information go to: https://emdrsupervision.org

Or contact me